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Francis Lai
1932 - 2018
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F. Lai
Francis Lai (26/04/1932 - 07/11/2018), a French composer of film music, from Nice. He has written the music for more than 100 films and composed over 600 songs. Stars from all over the world and the famous international orchestras have all recorded his music. According to his friends and colleagues, he is little known to the public because of his discreet personality and yet Francis Lai is the French composer of film music with the highest record sales in the world. Some movies: Love Story, and Un Homme et Une Femme.
Requiem pour trois mariages
Composed in:1968
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:Ives Stéphane
Label(s):Magic Records 177632
A song for soprano and accompaniment. Lyrics by Ives Stéphane.

♫ Requiem pour trois mariages
© Magic Records 187532