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Kurt Gellersted
20th - century
United States of America, IL
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K. Gellersted
Kurt Gellersted (20th century) is an acclaimed American composer (born in Chicago) within New York City's Modern Concert Music scene. A native of the Chicago suburbs, Kurt spent his undergrad years at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, world-renown for its focus on Choral music. There, he studied voice with Jon Clements, and composition with Dr. John H. Morrison as well as performing with many Luther choirs. In May of 2000, Kurt received his B.A. Degree with an emphasis in Vocal Performance and Composition.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2002
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:tthe victims of the New York World Trade Center attack, September 11, 2001
Label(s):Gellersted Music - 2002
Full title: Requiem - the World Trade Center memorial concert for SATB choir, soloists and chamber orchestra. It contains:
01. Requiem aeternam
02. Kyrie
03. Dies irae
04. Tuba mirum
05. Lacrimosa
06. Pie Jesu
07. Agnus dei
08. Lux aeterna
In December of 2001, Kurt Gellersted made his conducting debut when the NYU University Singers, of which Kurt was a member, premiered his chamber choir piece He is the Spirit. After hearing the selection, Dr. Jeffrey Unger, Director of the NYU Choral Program, was intrigued. When he learned that Kurt's next piece was to be his 8-movement Requiem, Dr. Unger asked if he could hear bits of the then unfinished score. Upon playing through some movements at the piano, Dr Unger knew the piece would be a perfect closer for the University Singers' upcoming Spring Concert, which was to be held in memory of the World Trade Center Tragedy.
At the premiere of Requiem, Dr. Unger announced: "We have a major new talent among us!" On hand for the performance were the 30-person University Singers Chamber Choir and NYU Faculty soloists supported by a 23-person chamber orchestra compiled of Manhattan School of Music students and other area musicians. Upon hearing the piece, Luther College Nordic Choir Director Weston Noble hailed, "Bravo! A gifted orchestrator. I was drawn to it."