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Celestino Eccher
1892 - 1970
C. Eccher
Monsignor Celestino Eccher (12/06/1892 - 24/09/1970), an Italian composer. He was born in Dermulo, Val di Non in June, 12th 1892. He is surely one of the most significant personalities of the Trentino Region, due to his musical artwork. He was all long life active from 1925 until his death, in September 24th 1970. He had his music education with honours at the "Vatican Institute for Sacred Music" in Rome and since then he was already known in Italy and foreign countries as composer and teacher. The academic musical world recognized to him an extraordinary talent. In the year 1927 he created the Regional School of sacred Music in Trento. From 1932 until 1962 he was teacher of Sacred Music in the Bolzano Conservatory, where he deserved great consideration by colleagues and students. A number of professional Musicians were educated under his guidance, and many of them still consider him a Master of Gregorian music and counterpoint art. His artistic production is impressive: it embraces all lithurgical texts, with musical comments which recall often the art of Palestrina. He left some didactic works which still maintain a great scientific value such as the Accompagnamento gregoriano and the Chironomia gregoriana.
Messa dei Defunti
Musical form:mass
Messa dei Defunti, 'per coro a 3 voci pari'.
Musical form:mass
Requiem Mass and absolution for 2 voices, pari and harmonium.