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Toshimitsu Tanaka
1930 - 2020
T. Tanaka
Toshimitsu Tanaka (17/07/1930 - 30/07/2020), a Japanese composer. Born in Aomori Prefecture in 1930, Toshimitsu Tanaka graduated from Kunitachi College of Music with a major in composition. He was awarded First Prize in the 1963 Music Competition by the NHK and Mainichi Press with his work, Adagio and Allegro for Piano Quartet. In 1964, his song, Hadaka no Shima was awarded the first-place Nakanishi Music Award, and in 1965 his work for mixed voices based on themes of folk music around Tsugaru area, The Four Seasons, was awarded the Ministerial Prize of Ministry of Education. In the ensuing ten years, he has been awarded eleven Arts Festival Prizes. His representative works include a requiem in four parts, The Grave, Gunzo, Pathos, Maze and the Suite for Marimba. He is also one of a few Japanese composers mentioned in the Baker's guide to musicians (published in New York and London). Presently, Tanaka is a professor of Composition Department at Kunitachi College of Music and at Kiev National Cultural University.
Requiem The Grave
Composed in:1972
Requiem The Grave is for mixed chorus and orchestra. Duration: 25'