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Sondra Clark
1941 -
United States of America, CA
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S. Clark
Dr. Sondra Clark (1941), a female American composer. Of California Mission Indian descent, she grew up on government Indian Schools in the Dakotas. In her early teens, she began winning awards for her musical talent. Dr. Clark is a graduate of the Juilliard School (BM), received her Master's from San Jose State University, and a doctorate from Stanford University. Dr. Clark was a member of the San Jose State University music faculty for 12 years, serving as a Master's Thesis Advisor for eight years. Dr. Clark has won over 40 awards for her compositions since she began composing 10 years ago. She received ASCAP awards for 2001 and 2002. Her works have been published by Neil Kjos and Hal Leonard, and she is the only composer to be featured on "The Grand Piano Show" in an hour- long program, "The Wonderful Piano Music of Sondra Clark."
Requiem for Lost Children
Composed in:1996
Clark's critically acclaimed Requiem for Lost Children, written for the Kevin Collins Foundation for Missing Children, was premiered in November, 1996, in San Jose, CA and in Los Altos, CA by the San Jose Symphonic Choir and Orchestra. Scored for three soloists, mixedchoir, children's choir, and orchestra, the work was described by Paul Hertelendy (reviewer for San Jose Mercury News) as "a deeply stirring ... powerful amalgam of the old and the new, as revolutionary in its approach as the requierns of Johannes Brahms and Benjamin Britten were in their days."