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Hristo Tsanoff
1947 -
H.S. Tsanoff
Dr. Hristo Spasov [Hristo] Tsanoff (07/01/1947), a Bulgarian composer, born in Sofia. In 1953 he started his study. 1954-1961 - priavate student in composition with prof. Pancho Vladigerov. 1953-1965 - he is learning violin with teacher Katia Dekova. 1958-1965 - private lessons of piano. 1968 - admited in Medical Academy - Sofia, Bulgaria. 1977-1998 - warks like a military doctor and in the last years he is a brigade doctor (Colonel). 1987-1998 - make a study of his own method for concervative medication of morbus Buogeri (thrombargiitis S.endangiitis obeituranus) and develop it.
Panichyda - Bulgarian requiem
Period:21st century
Musical form:mass
Panichyda - Bulgarian requiem is a work in progress.
Period:21st century
Requiem is a work in progress.