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Berthold Goldschmidt
1903 - 1996
B. Goldschmidt
Berthold Goldschmidt (18/01/1903 - 17/10//1996), a German composer, from Hamburg. He was a leading composer among those whose music was banned by the Nazis in the 1930s. He studied with Schreker in Berlin. His Passacaglia (1925) was awarded Mendelssohn Prize and performed by Staatskapelle under Erich Kleiber. The opera Der gewaltige Hahnrei was highly successful in Mannheim and scheduled in Berlin. As Jewish composer, he was forced to flee Nazi Germany in 1935 and emigrated to London. He worked for BBC and as a conductor, while composing works including Ciaccona Sinfonica, concertos for violin, cello and clarinet and opera Beatrice Cenci. He suffered neglect by the establishment and after Mediterranean Songs of 1958 abandoned composition. He resumed composing in 1982, with final work Deux nocturnes written at age 93. In his last decade, with the rediscovery of 'Entartete Musik' composers, enjoyed an Indian summer of concert performances, opera productions and recordings. His music combines lyricism, contrapuntal skill and a sharp wit.
Composed in:1924