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Joseph Goldstein
1836 - 1899
J. Goldstein
Joseph Goldstein (27/03/1836 - 17/06/1899), an Austrian cantor and composer; born at Kecskemét, Hungary, March 27, 1836; died in Vienna June 17, 1899. He occupied the position of chief cantor at the Leopoldstädter Tempel, the largest synagogue in Vienna, for forty years. He was one of the ten children of Ḥazzan Goldstein of Neutra, Hungary, who died when Joseph was but eleven. At the age of twelve he was so well acquainted with the liturgy and possessed such a phenomenal tenor voice that the congregation of Neutra elected him as his father's successor.He remained there for two years, and then made a four years' tour through Austria and Germany, officiating in some of the largest congregations. Upon his return an admirer of his voice sent him to Vienna to be educated for the stage. On the completion of his course, and when about to enter upon his first engagement in Florence, he decided to return to the position of cantor, and received an appointment at the Leopoldstädter Tempel in Vienna in 1857, retaining the position until his death. Among Goldstein's published works are: "Shire Yeshurun," a collection of songs for the Sabbath and festival service, 1865; a requiem, 1892; a collection of "Festgesänge."
Composed in:1892
Requiem for Kantor-Solo, SATB mixed choir and organ. Printed: Vienna, 1883.