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Friedhelm Dohl
1936 -
Picture Picture
F. Döhl
Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Döhl (07/07/1936), a German composer and teacher (from Göttingen).
Auf schmalem Grat: Requiem für 6 Stimmen
Composed in:1978
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Conrad Ferdinand Meyer
Auf schmalem Grat: Requiem für 6 Stimmen for mixed voices (SSATTB). Text of Auf schmalem Grat: ‘Himmelsnähe’ by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825-1898), a Swiss writer.
C.F. Meyer
Period:21st century
Composed in:2000
Musical form:free
Label(s):Dreyer-Gaido DRG 21033
The Requiem "Atemwende" (2000), already several times performed with great success, forms together with the "Symphonie for large orchestra" and Medea (Opera (DRG21024) a "Dreiklang". However the Requiem is completely different, it is "endzeitlicher". It is a dramatic cycle of two times seven movemnets, 'developed' on the ruins of Latin Requiems.
Contributor:Hermann Puchta