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Jan Wanski
1756 - c.1830
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J. Wanski
Jan Wański (02/06/1756 - ca.1830), a Polish violinist and composer, born in Bukówiec Górny in the Leszno district, died around 1830 in Poznań. Father of violinist and composer Jan Nepomucen Wański. His brother Roch (died 1808) was a cellist at the court of Count Feliks Polanowski in Moszków near Lwów . His nephew was Karol Kurpiński.
Jan Wański was active mainly in Poznań, but also in Sarnów (now part of Rawicz ), Święciechów and Wschów.
In addition to concert activity, he was involved in composition. In the 1780s, he composed the operas Shepherd on the Vistula River (1786) and Kmiotek (1787-1788, with Józef Wybicki ). These operas have been staged at Wybicki's residence in Manieczki.
He wrote vocal-instrumental religious works for the parish church in Poznań, the church in Grodzisk Wielkopolski , oo. Cistercians in Obra and Przemęt , oo. Filipinos in Gostyń . In the years 1788–1809 he also composed for the band at the cathedral in Gniezno (including 3 symphonies and Requiem). He also composed dance pieces.
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
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Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis