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Pierre Desvignes
1764 - 1827
P. Desvignes
Pierre Desvignes (27/09/1764 - 27/01/1827), a French composer, born in in Velars-sur-Ouche.
Messe des Morts
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
No details available.
Source:Dagny Wegner, Requiemvertonungen in Frankreich zwischen 1670 und 1850, Hamburg, 2005
Pie Jesu
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1806
In memory of: the dead of the Battle of Austerlitz
Pie Jesu Domine, in the form of a Funeral March for choir and orchestra, composed in 1806 for the first anniversary service celebrated at Notre-Dame de Paris in memory of the dead of the Battle of Austerlitz and given again for the burial of His E. the Cardinal of Belloy, Archbishop of Paris (1808). By P. Desvignes, music master of the Notre-Dame Basilica. Reduced with organ or piano accompaniment. By Adrien de La Fage and Pierre Desvignes - 3 editions published in 1808 en Latin.