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Robert Janssens
1939 -
R. Janssens
Robert Janssens (27/07/1939), a Belgian composer, born in Brussels. With the desire to preserve the individual character of his artistic creation, Robert Janssens does not feel any necessity to align himself with any particular system... He manipulates with ease the sonorities and timbres available to him, assisted in this by his activities as a conductor.» (extract from La Musique en Wallonie et à Bruxelles published by La Renaissance du Livre, 1982). Professor of conducting at the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels, Director of the Academy of Music in Brussels, a conductor who tours regularly, Robert Janssens is an extremely eclectic and very fertile composer : from Yerma, a ballet premiered by the Ballet de Wallonie and performed at the Porte St Martin in Paris, and as well as in Marseille and Cuba, to the Messe des Artistes (called the St François) premiered at Brussels and then at the Avignon Festival, his compositions include concerti, chamber works, symphonies and cantatas for choir, soloists and orchestra...
Period:21st century
Composed in:2004