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Ernst David Wagner
1806 - 1883
Poland / Germany
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E.D. Wagner
Ernst David Wagner (18/02/1806 - 04/05/1883), a German - Polish composer (born at Dramburg, Pomerania, died in Breslau), organist, pupil of A. W. Bach at the royal institute for church music, and of Rungenhageu at the academy in Berlin, where he became cantor and choir master at the Matthiii-kirche in 1838, and organist of the Trinitatiskirche in 1848 ; and in 1858 royal music director. Works : Johannes der Tiiufer, oratorio (BIS.) ; Requiem (do.) ; Psalms and motets for male voices ; 48 Choralartige Orgel-Vorspiele ; Der erfahrene Clavier-lehrer ; Choralbuch. He published also : Die musikalische Ornameutik (Berlin, 1868).
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass