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John Duggan
1963 -
Great Britain, England
J. Duggan
John Duggan (1963) is an English composer and singer. He was a chorister at Westminster Cathedral and went on to study music at Keble College, Oxford where he also played drums in jazz and pop bands and developed an interest in electronic music. He has written for a number of choirs including Commotio, Westminster Cathedral Choir, the Hildegard Choir and East Oxford Community Choir, and has written commissions for the Edington Music Festival, Crossover Intergenerational Dance Group, Oxford Youth Dance and The Oxford-Grenoble Association. John is also an experienced live-sound and recording engineer and has worked with a broad range of different artists from Radiohead and The Manic Street Preachers to Faber Music, The European Union Baroque Orchestra and Alamire. In 2006, John co-founded Oxford-based choir Sospiri with Christopher Watson, and is now their official composer-in-residence.
The Singing Will Never Be Done
Period:21st century
Composed in:2009
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English poems
Label(s):Classical Communications Ltd. CCL CDG 1245
The Singing Will Never Be Done (2009) contains:
01. The send-off (6'22)
02. Returning we hear the larks (3'59)
03. Every sang 4'27
04. Requiem (6'12)
Source:booklet of cd CCL CDG 1245

♫ 01. The send-off
CCL CDG 1245

♫ 02. Returning we hear the larks
CCL CDG 1245

♫ 03. Every sang
CCL CDG 1245

♫ 04. Requiem
CCL CDG 1245