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Laureano Fuentes Matons
1825 - 1898
L. Fuentes Matons
Laureano Fuentes Matons (03/07/1825 - 30/09/1898), a Cuban composer, from Santiago de Cuba. He came from a family of musicians and wrote the first opera to be composed on the island, La hija de Jéfe (the Chief's daughter). This was later lengthened and staged under the title Seila. His numerous works spanned all genres. Wrote Las artes en Santiago de Cuba (1893) in which a transcription of the Son de Ma Teodora (purportedly composed in the 16th century) is given. An extended assessment of his work is given by Carpentier.
Misa de Difuntos
Composed in:1856
Musical form:mass
Misa de Difuntos for three voices and orchestra (1856).
Source:Robert Chase, Dies Irae: A Guide to Requiem Music, Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2003