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Marc Eychenne
1933 - 2012
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M. Eychenne
Marc Eychenne (17/12/1933 - 2012), an Algerian composer, born in Algiers. He studied music (solfège, violin and chamber music) at the conservatory in his home town; in 1954 he won the Grand Prix awarded by the city of Algiers for his performance on the violin. After performing numerous recitals with piano accompaniment and concertos with orchestra, both in Algeria and in France, Marc Eychenne obtained his card as soloist to play chamber music in the French Broadcasting Service in 1963, which allowed him to take part in numerous radio broadcasts in France and abroad. But gradually his inclination for composition took over from his interest in the violin and, beginning with his first piece an Andante expressivo for violin and piano written at the age of twelve, Eychenne's compositions increased with the passing of the years: Chamber music (well-known is his Cantinlène et danse), Orchestral music, Vocal music (e.g. Requiem) Music for children, etc.
Author:Claude Broussy
Source:booklet of cd Valois V 4626 and http://www153.pair.com/bensav/Compositeurs/Complist.html
Composed in:1989c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Audivis Valois V 4626
This requiem is for alt voice, mixed choir and orchestra. It contains:
01. Introït 7'16
02. Kyrie 7'07
03. Offertoire 9'46
04. Sanctus 4'49
05. Pie Jesu 5'54
06. Libera me 9'51
07. Agnus Dei 11'32
Source:booklet of cd Valois V 4626

♫ 01. Introït
© Valois V 4626

♫ 02. Kyrie
© Valois V 4626

♫ 03. Offertoire
© Valois V 4626

♫ 04. Sanctus
© Valois V 4626

♫ 05. Pie Jesu
© Valois V 4626

♫ 06. Libera me
© Valois V 4626

♫ 07. Agnus Dei
© Valois V 4626