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Hein 's-Gravesande
1916 - 1970
The Netherlands
G.H. 's-Gravesande
Goverdus Henricus [Hein] 's-Gravesande (18/04/1916 - 08/06/1970), a Dutch composer; born in Voorburg, died in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Composed in:1942
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:texts from the Bible
In memory of:ds. P. Vis
Requiem (dated: 19/08/1942) arr. of opus 40, for Bariton or Bass and organ/harmonium. Dedicated to the composer's beloved minister ds. P. Vis.
Requiem (10e Sinfonie)
Composed in:1969
In memory of:Carl Schuricht
Requiem (10e Sinfonie) for 3 soli (SST), mixed choir and orchestra. In memory of Carl Schuricht.