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Józef Zeidler
c.1744 - 1806
J. Zeidler
Józef Zeidler (c.1744 - 04/04/1806), a Polish composer. Apart from the beginning and the end of his life (1744 - 1806), very little is known about Jozef Zeidler. For a long time, Zeidler was absent from the musical life of Poland and Europe. Nowadays his music is once again performed. In 2006 there were concerts to mark the 200th aniversary of Zeidler's death, during the First Festival of Oratory Music. The concerts, dedicated to his memory were released on the internet, on radio and tv. Zeidler is referred to as "the Polish Mozart".
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):PRCD 1101-1102 ( Polskie Radio)
The requiem is written for soli, choir and orchestra. It contains:
01. Requiem aeternam (2´23)
02. Dies irae (2´08)
03. Benedictus (5´28)
Source:booklet of cd: PRCD 1101-1102 ( Polskie Radio)
Contributor:Pentti Ruokonen and Tassos Dimitriadis