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Johan Winnubst
1885 - 1934
The Netherlands
J.H.P. Winnubst
Johannes Hendricus Petrus [Johan] Winnubst (25/12/1885 - 19/06/1934), a Dutch composer. He studied in Amsterdam with Hubert Cuypers (church music), JB Peacock (piano and organ) and Bernard Zweers (composition). In 1910 he was appointed organist and choirmaster of the Cathedral of St. Catherine in Utrecht. In that role he had in 1916 the leadership of its first complete performance of Diepenbrock Missa in that blanket. He also teaches music theory and conducting at the St. Cecilia church music. In addition to church music Winnubst wrote chamber music and songs.
Requiem and Adagio
Composed in:1916
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Felix Rutten
Requiem and Adagio (two songs) for TTBB in F major. Text by Felix Rutten (13/07/1882 - 22/12/1971), a Dutch autor and poet.
Felix Rutten