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Aloys Fleischmann
1880 - 1964
A. G. Fleischmann
Aloys Georg [Aloys] Fleischmann (24/04/1880 - 03/01/1964), a German composer, cathedral organist and choirmaster. Born in Dachau, Germany, died in Cork, Ireland. As a church musician and music teacher Fleischmann had a significant impact on a number of younger Irish composers and musicians, among them Seán Ó Riada, who was a pupil in Farranferris and who dedicated his Hölderlin Songs to his former teacher in 1964. Among the Fleischmanns’ friends were Arnold Bax, Herbert Hughes, E. J. Moeran and Frederick May. Aloys and Tilly Fleischmann’s son was the composer Aloys Fleischmann (Junior).
Composed in:1906c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
His Requiem for mixed choir and organ, contains:
01. Kyrie
02. Graduale
03. Tractus
04. Dies Irae
05. Offertorium