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Ricky Gordon
1956 -
United States of America, NY
Picture Picture
R.I. Gordon
Ricky Ian [Ricky] Gordon (15/05/1956), an American composer of opera, dance, theatre, and film music, as well as of songs, born in Oceanside, New York.
Water Music: A Requiem
Composed in:1993
Musical form:free
Label(s):Catalyst 9026.61822
This past autumn saw Gordon's first release on compact disc, when his Water Music: A Requiem appeared on Eternal Light (RCA/Catalyst), an album of choral works by Musica Sacra under the direction of Richard Westenberg. Composed during a period of personal anguish, Water Music balances ideas of death and dying with ones of baptism and rebirth. "Writing that requiem saved me," says Gordon. "I got to write something that pulled me out of the most difficult time."

♫ 01. Part 1
Catalyst 09026618222

♫ 02. Part 2
Catalyst 09026618222