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Josef Foerster
1804 - 1892
Czech Republic
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J. Förster
Josef Förster (Foerster) (31/12/1804 - 28/08/1892), a Czech cantor, organist and music composer. Born in Mladá u Benátkek nad Jizerou, died in Moravské Budějovice. He came from the old Förstr family of cantors . He was the son of Ignác Förster and the grandfather of Josef Bohuslav Foerster . His sons, Josef Förster Jr. and Karel Förster , were also music composers. He graduated from the grammar school in Mladá Boleslav and after a year of practice at a model school in Prague , he became a teacher's assistant in Mladá Boleslav. In 1827 , his father died and Josef became his successor in Osenice . He was a teacher and choir director here until he retired. He taught violin and piano and was especially devoted to raising the artistic level of church music. He also performed difficult compositions by Mozart and Beethoven in the local church . He left behind descriptions of sheet music for approximately 1,300 compositions. In 1877 he retired and lived alternately with his sons Karel and Josef in Prague , Znojmo and Moravské Budějovice.
Josef Förster is the first of the Förster family whose work has been preserved. He composed a number of masses, of which the Czech Mass for the Dead stands out . However, he wrote more than 20 different requiems . In addition to church compositions, he wrote funeral and school songs. Two funeral choirs were printed. A collection of verse memories was also found in the estate.
Composed in:1850c
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