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Victoria Jordanova
1952 -
Serbia | United States of America
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V. Jordanova
Victoria Jordanova (1952), a female Serbian harpist and composer, born in Belgrade. Her education and her career have made her a truly international artist. She received her early musical training at the Belgrade conservatory where, at age seventeen, she earned a diploma in composition, piano and harp. Graduate studies at the Paris Conservatory (on a fellowship from the French government) followed her B.A. degree from Michigan State University. Also in France, she was an Artist in Residence at the Cit Internationale des Arts. After special studies at the Moscow Conservatory, she returned to the U.S. on a Langley Fellowship to New York University where she received her M.A. in Musicology. Recently Jordanova was awarded The Bogliasco Foundation composer's Fellowship. Victoria Jordanova also established the ArpaViva Foundatiun Inc., dedicated to providing access to the highest quality music education to children, regardless of their economic status.
Victoria Jordanova is an American, residing in San Francisco, composer born in former Yugoslavia in 1962.
Source:Ray of ArpaViva Inc.
Victoria Jordanova, née Viktorija (Vita) Pop Jordanova, was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1952. She is a composer, performer, and media artist[1]. She is the creative director, curator, producer and the sound editor for ArpaViva, a music and performance label she founded in 2003.
Requiem for Bosnia
Composed in:1992
Text/libretto:scrambled lyrics from Disney movies
Label(s):Composers Recordings Inc CRI CD 673
A requiem for "broken" piano, harp and child's voice. After many years as a professional harpist and teacher, she created her first major work, Requiem for Bosnia, in 1993. An homage to her homeland, the work combines the deep resonances of a "broken" piano with Jordanova's harp improvisations and the voice of a child.
"Strange and appealing... deeply serious music and yet not at all difficult for a susceptible listener...unsettling, cathartic,and yet still very beautiful...in the traditional sense."
Author:Tim Page
Source:New York Newsday, December 6, 1994
Requiem for Bosnia, for a broken piano, harp and child voice. Text used in the third movement, scrambled lyrics from Disney movies. Requiem for Bosnia contains:
01. Requiem
02. Recall
03. Broken Piano II