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Wilfred Josephs
1927 - 1997
Great Britain, England
W. Josephs
Wilfred Josephs (24/07/1927 - 17/11/1997), an English composer, from Newcastle upon Tyne. He began composition studies part time under Arthur Milner while at the same time qualifying as a dentist. In 1954 he entered the Guildhall School of Music in London on a scholarship to study with Alfred Niernan, and in 1958 a Leverhulme Scholarship took him to Paris for a year's study under Max Deutsch. For over four decades Wilfred Josephs has led an enviably creative and prolific career as one of Britain's most distinguished composers. Well-known as much for his concert music as that composed for film or television, Josephs is a true craftsman in every compositional form and style with a catalogue of works that encompasses almost every musical genre.
Composed in:1963
Text/libretto:the Hebrew Kaddish prayer for the dead
In memory of:the Jews who died in World War II
Label(s):Lyrita SRCD.2352
Unicorn/Kanchana DKP 9032 (LP)
Requiem (Op.39) for baritone, choir, string quintet and orchestra (1965) = Pro defunctis iudaeis.
It contains:
01. Requiescant (4:58)
02. Magnified and Sanctified (6:18)
03. Let His Great Name Be Blessed (5:06)
04. Blessed, Praised and Glorified (5:33)
05. Lacrimosa (6:06)
06. Let the Name of the Lord Be Blessed (6:52)
07. De Profundis (4:56)
08. My Help Is from the Lord (6:16)
09. Monumentum (7:32)
10. He Who Maketh Peace (5:29)
Source:booklet of cd Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 01. Requiescant
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 02. Magnified and Sanctified
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 03. Let His Great Name Be Blessed
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 04. Blessed, Praised and Glorified
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 05. Lacrimosa
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 06. Let the Name of the Lord Be Blessed
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 07. De Profundis
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 08. My Help Is from the Lord
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 09. Monumentum
© Lyrita SRCD.2352

♫ 10. He Who Maketh Peace
© Lyrita SRCD.2352
Requiem, Op.39, for baritone soloist, double choir, string quartet and orchestra. The works published by Weinberger all date from this important period, with the highlight the monumental Requiem, perhaps his most personal and powerful musical statement, an austere elegy to the memory of the Jews who died in World War II, which won the City of Milan and La Scala's first composing competition in 1963 and was premièred at La Scala in 1965. Other important works in the Weinberger catalogue include the String Quintet [premièred by the Alberni Quartet and Bruno Schreker in 1965 and later incorporated into the Requiem,], the Piano Concerto No.1 premièred in 1967 by Yonty Solomon and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Sir Charles Groves and the Piano Sonata No.2 [premièred in 1963 by Neil van Allen].
Contributor:Arye Kendi