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Vidmantas Bartulis
1954 - 2020
V. Bartulis
Vidmantas Bartulis (03/04/1954 - 30/01/2020), a Lithuanian mainstream and multimedia composer (born in Kaunas). He studied at the conservatory in Vilnius. He has taught and directed a theatre in Kaunas. His pieces include The Vision of 17 July 1750 1984 [VGA], Herald 1984, Aurora Lucis (2 violins and organ) 1985 and Bucolic: Eclogue 1985.
Composed in:1989
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:those who died for Lithuanian freedom
The Requiem for STB soli, symphony and wind orchestra, SATB and boy's choirs (1989) contains:
01. Requiem aeternam 8:04
02. Kyrie 5:56
03. Requiem aeternam 5:06
04. Absolve Domine 5:40
05. Dies irae 9:33
06. Processio 5:00
07. Domine Jesu Christe 7:30
08. Sanctus 6:02
09. Agnus Dei 3:34
10. Lux aeterna 7:07
Total time 69'52''
Bartulis was one of a group of Lithuanian composers who, during the 1970s, established a compositional movement characterised by emotional expressiveness, clear and accessible musical language and an avoidance of modernistic trends. He also has considerable experience as a composer for the stage. This combination, together with the subject matter of his Requiem (those who died for Lithuanian freedom, as well as the general meaning of the liturgical requiem mass), leads inevitably to a work of considerable substance and power. Predominantly dark-hued and elegiac, with sections of almost operatic drama, the work follows the basic outline of the liturgy, in a language which is grounded in tonality with a highly individual sonority and characteristic widely-spaced textures. Massive and granitic, the work generates an implacable momentum, and makes a profound cumulative impact.