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Diogo Dias Melgáz
1638 - 1700
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D. Dias Melgáz
Diogo Dias Melgáz [also: Diogo Dias Melgaco or Melgás] (11/04/1638 - 09/03/1700), a Portuguese composer; born in Cuba, Portugal, died in Evora, Portugal. His work is described as: "the expressive Baroque word-painting of the last great polyphonist, Diogo Dias Melgás."
Dies irae
Musical form:motet
Text/libretto:Thomas de Celano (1190 - c.1255)
The City of Oxford Choir gave a thoughtful performance of works by composers of the 16th and 17th centuries with the title A Portuguese Requiem. The truly remarkable feature of the performance was Leech's treatment of Diogo Dias Melgas's "Dies irae". Always a sobering experience, it became thoroughly intimidating as the double choir filed down to stand on either side of its cowering audience, singing antiphonally in strong block chords to thundering organ accompaniment.
Author:Jeannine Alton
Source:The Oxford Times, July 2002 on: http://www.oxfordchoir.org/a_portuguese_requiem.htm
Rex tremendae majestatus
Musical form:motet
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Hyperion Records CDA 66715
Rex tremendae majestatus, a motet from Dies irae.

♫ Rex tremendae majestatus
© Hyperion Records CDA 66715
Source:booklet of cd Hyperion Records CDA 66715