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Friedrich August Reissiger
1809 - 1883
Germany / Norway
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F.A. Reissiger
Friedrich August Reissiger (26/07/1809 - 02/03/1883), a Norwegian composer of German birth, born Belzig. Brother of Karl Gottlieb Reissiger.
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1844
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden
Label(s):CMP 1224
Grong Musikkproduksjon
The Requiem contains:
1.Requiem aeternam 7´11
2.Dies irae 1´17
3.Tuba mirum 2´27
4.Mors stupebit 3´18
5.Rex tremendae 1´53
6.Confutatis 0´57
7.Oro supplex 2´36
8.Huic erco parce 1´38
9.Sanctus/benedictus 3´28
10.Agnus dei 2´38
11.Libera me 5´42
12.Requiem aeternam 7´12
Source:booklet of CD CMP 1224
Contributor:Pentti Ruokonen
Important requiem composers in the 19th century include Aiblinger, Andrevi y Castellar, Bochsa, Van Bree, Canetti, Catelani, Coccia, Fétis, Goss, Gounod, Habert, Mabellini, Meyerbeer, Neukomm, Pacini, Reinecke, Reissinger and Rheinberger.
Author:James W. Pruett
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
Dedicatee: King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden (1764-1844). Carl XIV Johan's original name was Jean-Baptiste-Jules Bernadotte. Despite the run-ins between Carl Johan and the Norwegian parliament (Storting), especially in 1821 and 1836, Carl Johan gradually became very popular in Norway. When he died in 1844, at the age of 81, he was succeeded by his only son, Oscar I.
Carl XIV Johan of
Sweden (dedicatee)