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Jacques Reuland
1918 - 2008
The Netherlands
J. Reuland
Jacques Reuland (08/06/1918 - 05/04/2008), a Dutch composer. He was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He studied violin, piano and organ in Rotterdam and conducting with Piet van Mever. Later he studied for choralmaster and composition with Piet Ketting, Arend Koole, Hendrik Andriessen, Bernard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer, J. Daniskas and Andries de Braal. Since 1946 he was conducter of several wind and brass bands in Almelo. Later he became a professor at the Twents Conservatorium in Enschede and conductor of several choirs. From 1963 to 1983 he was managing director of the Stedelijk Muzieklyceum in Zwolle.
Reuland wrote mostly vocal music and compositions for educational purposes. In 1958 he received the Visser-Neerlandia prize for his composition Het woord. In 1998 he received the Overijsselse cultuurprijs 1998.
Requiem voor Bernard
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
In memory of:Bernard Kruijsen / dedicated to Romain Bischoff
Requiem in memory of Bernard Kruijsen (1933 - 2001), a Dutch bariton who died in 2001. The piece is dedicated to the conductor and bariton Romain Bischoff.
Picture Picture
Bernard Kruijsen
Romain Bischoff