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Lukas Trykar
1972 - 2013
Czech Republic
Picture Picture
L. Trykar
LukᚠTrykar (07/02/1972 - 14/11/2013), a Czech composer. He graduated from Prague's conservatory in playing the organ in the class of professor Jaroslav Vodrazka in 1992. He worked at the Elementary School of Arts of Ilja Hurnik in Prague from 1992 to 1995 where, besides teaching to play the organ, he also taught basic composition. He has been working at the Secondary School of Arts in Liberec since 1994 where he teaches to play the organ and piano, musical theory, music history and choir singing. He has also been the headmaster deputy since 1996 there. He began to work with Severacek, a Czech children's choir, as a tutor in 1998.
Source:http://www.severacek.cz/english/sborm_e.html and http://www.sdh.cz/archiv_pms/sdharc74.htm
Requiem in G minor
Composed in:1992
A Requiem in G minor (1988-1992) for soli SATB, choir SATB and orchestra.
Source:http://www.severacek.cz/english/sborm_e.html and http://www.sdh.cz/archiv_pms/sdharc74.htm
Requiem commemorates deceased composer L. Trykar: the college choir and IHI pay tribute to this Czech composer. Trykar died at 41.
This month (November 2014), the Academic Choir of the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences and the International University Institute Zittau will perform two spectacular oratorio concerts. The concert will take place on the day of national mourning, November 16, at 4:30 p.m. in the Church of the Holy Cross in Liberec.
The focus is on the performance of a requiem by the Czech composer, conductor and teacher Lukas Trykar from Liberec, who died last year after a serious illness at the age of 41. He composed this choral work at the age of 16. Lukas Trykar has been closely associated with the Academic Choir and its conductor for years, as they have given concerts in the Czech Republic and Germany through joint concerts, including with the chamber choir "A my taky" from Liberec, which he conducted. Trykar was also a lecturer at the International Summer Academy for Organists at the St. Johannis Church in Zittau for many years and worked intensively until the year of his death. Neithard Bethke promised his terminally ill friend on his deathbed that his Requiem would be performed.
The Requiem, from whose only existing manuscript Neithard Bethke made a printed version as an arrangement this year, which will be presented publicly for the first time, is written for four vocal soloists, mixed choir, large orchestra and organ. The requiem is preceded by the choral motet based on the biblical Corinthian text "The Song of Love" by Neithard Bethke. Admission to the concert in Liberec is free. (SZ)