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Ladislav Vycpalek
1882 - 1969
Czech Republic
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L. Vycpalek
Ladislav Vycpálek (30/07/1882 - 09/01/1969), a Czech writer on music and composer, born in Rychnov nad Kneznou. He studied composition under V. Novák. However, he very soon found his own expressive style, which is typified by its thematic foundation and free polyphony featuring individualized vocal lines. He mainly composed choral works in which he demonstrated his great talent as an architect. Prior to WWI, he occupied himself with setting Czech and German symbolist poetry to music, then he drew inspiration from folk poetry. After the war, he turned towards humanistic philosophical reflection, creating three great cantatas: Cantata on the final days of mankind, Blessed be man, and the Czech requiem.
Czech requiem, death and redemption
Composed in:1945
Musical form:cantata
Text/libretto:Czech religious texts
Label(s):Supraphon SU 3681-2 212
This Czech Requiem (death and redemption) on religious texts for soloists, chorus and orchestra, opus 24. It contains:
01. Vanity of vanities
02. The day of wrath
03. Light in the darkness
04. He came to save
Source:booklet of cd Supraphon Records 1119332

♫ 01. Vanity of vanities
© Supraphon Records 1119332

♫ 02. The day of wrath
© Supraphon Records 1119332

♫ 03. Light in the darkness
© Supraphon Records 1119332

♫ 04. He came to save
© Supraphon Records 1119332