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Theo Wanders
1883 - 1959
The Netherlands
Th. Wanders
Theo Wanders (03/12/1883 - 24/06/1959), a Dutch conductor and composer. He was conductor (1926 - 1947) of the Royal male choir "Nijmeegs Mannenkoor".
Author:Maarten Jan Dongelmans
NIJMEGEN - Th. Wanders (75) passed away. The musician Theo Wanders passed away in Nijmegen at the age of 75. He was known as a pianist, organist and choirmaster. In his early years, he formed a duo with violinist Sam Swaab that has given many concerts. Mr. Wanders has had great merits for the Royal singing association Nijmegen men's choir and later for the operatic association Amicitia.
Source:Algemeen Dagblad 26 June 1959, p.5
Requiem voor de gevallenen
Composed in:1946
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the fallen soldiers in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) in World War II
Requiem for male choir; in memory of the fallen soldiers in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).