Dean Rishel
1946 -
United States of America, PA
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D. Rishel
Dean Rishel (12/09/1946), an American choir conductor, music director and composer; born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was artistic director of the Greater South Jersey Chorus and a Florence Township music teacher since 1969. He is a noted conductor, composer, interpretive coach and teacher in the Philadelphia area, holds degrees from the Westminster Choir College and College of New Jersey. As a member of the Westminster Choir, he sang under such well-known conductors as Sir Malcolm Sergeant, William Steinberg, Leopold Stokowski and Leonard Bernstein. He has studied conducting with George Lynn, Joseph Flummerfelt and Frauke Hassemann.
Requiem for the children
Composed in:1996
In memory of:the children who perished in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
Rishel's major work, Requiem for the Children, was written in memory of the children who perished in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and was premiered by the Greater South Jersey Chorus and the Gloucester City Children's Choir in May 1996 at the Blockbuster/Sony Music Entertainment Center in Camden, New Jersey. The Requiem was presented in two major performances by the Greeley (Colorado) Chorale, as well as a major performance in Oklahoma City in 1998. The Requiem has also been performed in Pensacola (Florida) and Ocean City (New Jersey).