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Emanuel Bucher
1896 - 1975
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P.E. Bucher
Pater Emanuel Bucher (1896 - 1975), a Swiss composer (from Luzern). He wrote an a cappella Bruder Klausen Messe and a Kleine Festmesse zu Ehren des Hl. Benedikt for mixed choir and organ.
Bucher is Swiss (from Luzern) and was a priest (Pater) in the monastery of Engelberg (Switzerland, Kanton Obwalden) and there he was also 'Kapellmeister' until 1960.
Author:Urs Vogel
Composed in:1960
Musical form:mass
At the funeral of Bucher, his own Requiem was played in the monastery church. The music works are archived in the monastery.
Author:Urs Vogel