Tatyana Mikheyeva
1972 -
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T. Mikheyeva
Tatyana Mikheyeva (22/04/1972), a female Kazakh composer, born in Talgar (near Alma-Ata). She studied at the Alma-Ata State Conservatory. She graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory and it's postgraduate course under professor N. N. Sidelnikov. Since 1987 she is a member of the Composer's Union of Russia and of the 'The Modern Music Association'.
Tatyana Mikheyeva was born in 1972 in Talgar, Kazachstan, and studied composition at the Alm Ata State Conservatory in Kazachstan before moving to Moscow - where she studied at the Moscow State Conservatory, under Prof. N.N.Sidelnikoff. Ms. Mikheyeva is an active member of the Composers' Union of Russia and the Modern Music Association. She is a frequent participant in contemporary music festivals in Russia and elsewhere, such as the Moscow-Autumn, Alternativa, and the New Music Festival in Brazil. She composes both in acoustic and electronic-acoustic mediums, as the recordings featured here at the Classical Archives demonstrate. She is also a singer in various musical idioms, from experimental to jazz to pop.
Composed in:1999
In memory of:Dmitry Pokrovsky
Label(s):Classical Archives
Requiem in memory of Dmitry Pokrovsky, for folk voices, percussion, and phonograph (1999). Duration: 49'21. It contains:
01. Great Devastation 11'34
02. Trisna 5'21
03. Voices of Ancestors 8'35
04. Krada 11'16
05. Lullaby of Iriy 12'35
Dmitry Pokrovsky (1944 - 1996), a Russian ethnomusicologist; he was founder and leader of the 'Pokrovsky Ensemble' which he founded as 'workshop' for the conservation of the 'real russian folklore'. He studied music at the Moscow Gnessin Institute and during one research excursion he came into contact with the unchanged, true folk music of Russia and instantly he realized the danger this culture lived in.