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Constanzo Festa
c.1490 - 1545
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C. Festa
Constanzo Festa (c.1490 - 10/04/1545), an Italian singer and composer, born in Piemonte/Turin. He was probably a student of Mouton in Paris and became a member of the Pontifical choir in Rome in 1517, and soon afterwards Maestro at the Vatican remaining until his death. He composed about 4 masses, 40 motets, 30 hymns, 13 Magnificat settings and a large number of madrigals (the first book of which appeared in 1537). His Te Deum (published in 1596) is still sung at important services and at the inauguration of a Pope at the Vatican in Rome. He has to be considered as one of the principal composers in the generation of the early (first period) madrigal composers ( among others: Arcadelt, Verdelot, Willaert, Gero ) and he was founder and member of the School of Rome to which Palestrina was the Primus inter pares.
Author:Wim Goossens
Libera me, Domine
Period:Early Renaissance
Musical form:motet
Label(s):STR 33585
This motet 4 vocibus is written to a Responsorium taken out of the Absolutio super tumulum out of the Officium defunctorum more specific In Exsequiis and is written for four voices ATBarB. Festa follows the Gregorian melody of the Responsorium literally in alternating polyphony and plainchant. The Cantus Firmus is divided between the Superior and the Bassus. At the end of this motet Festa is showing in Requiem aeternam and Et lux perpetua his enormous capacity by using in fact very simple means with result! The Libera me, Domine was published in the Motetti III and found in Lucca, Biblioteca del semenario.
Author:Wim Goossens