Humphrey Clucas
1941 -
Great Britain, England
H. Clucas
Humphrey Clucas (16/11/1941), an English composer (from Cambridge). As a composer, he is self-taught. As an undergraduate, he wrote a set of Responses, which made him well known within the Church of England. His real career as a composer started much later, and has resulted in large and small choral works, for concert and liturgical use, as well as organ music and instrumental pieces. He is a Lay Vicar, and member of the choir, with Westminster Abbey, from which he retired in 1999.
Composed in:1988
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Duration:ca. 20'
Label(s):Cala/United: 88020
This requiem contains:
01. Introit - Kyrie
02. Offertorium
03. Sanctus
04. Pie Jesu
05. Agnus Dei
06. Lux aeterna
07. Libera me
08. In Paradisum

♫ 01. Introit - Kyrie
United 88020

♫ 02. Offertorium
United 88020

♫ 03. Sanctus
United 88020

♫ 04. Pie Jesu
United 88020

♫ 05. Agnus Dei
United 88020

♫ 06. Lux aeterna
United 88020

♫ 07. Libera me
United 88020

♫ 08. In Paradisum
United 88020
The Requiem has a lot of beautiful moments and Humphrey has this wonderful knack of suffusing the music with light at all the right times. He also manages to sustain that edge of fear transmitted through the idea of 'Dies Irae' and the aura of mysticism conveyed by the words of the requiem. This is a really lovely performance, with some subtle solos, and some fine unison singing from the different voices. The 'Pie Jesu' is just spine-tingling, with really heartfelt solo lines soaring out of some really soft slow-moving chords. This is Clucas at his best, in the long sustained homophonic passages, which are spot-on in this performance by Laudibus.