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E. Scott Wilkinson
1962 -
E.S. Wilkinson
E. Scott Wilkinson (1962), a Canadian composer. He began his musical training as a classical guitarist at the age of six. After completing a Music Degree in both Performance and Composition at the University of Toronto in Canada, Mr. Wilkinson was invited to move to Havana to continue his studies in composition with the celebrated Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, who had first heard the young composer's work highlighted as part of 1984 Carrefour Mondial de la Guitare in Martinique. While living in the Caribbean, Scott was asked to compose his first large orchestral work for the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra. What resulted was Symphony of the North (1987) which quickly garnered him a national young composer's award back in Canada. The song cycle Songs of a Thousand Paper Cranes brought his work to the attention of his next influential teacher, the Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, who would later be instrumental in introducing Wilkinson's work to European audiences.
Composed in:1991
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Alberto Manguel
Requiem (1991), a large orchestral/choral work premiered by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in 1992 was pivotal in bringing Scott to New York at the invitation of American composer John Corigliano whose own Symphony No. 1 (inspired by similar topics as was Requiem), had left a deep impression with him.
It is for Boy soprano, soprano, tenor, baritone, SATB chorus/timp, perc/strings.
Words principally in English by Alberto Manguel (born 1948, an Argentinian writer).
A. Manguel