Edith Harrhy
1893 - 1969
Great Britain, England | Australia
E.M. Harrhy
Edith Mary [Edith] Harrhy (19/12/1893 - 24/02/1969), a female English composer and entertainer, she was born in London, died in Oxley, Brisbane. Daughter of Jonathan Harrhy, a council inspector from Monmouthshire, Wales, and his wife Annie, née Rose. Edith always attributed her musical gift to her Welsh heritage. Educated at Shenley House School, London, she began her musical studies early and took her first Trinity College examination at the age of 7. Later, as Ernest Palmer scholar, she entered the Guildhall School of Music, under (Sir) Landon Ronald, where she studied piano, singing, harmony, counterpoint and opera, winning annual scholarships and numerous prizes.
Composed in:1921
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:Rupert Atkinson
Requiem song for voice and piano, words by Rupert Atkinson (02/02/1881 – 06/02/1961) an Australian poet. .
R. Atkinson