Alan Hovhaness
1911 - 2000
United States of America, MA
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A. Hovhaness
Alan Hovhaness Chakmakjian (08/03/1911 - 21/06/2000), an American composer (from Somerville) of Armenian and Scottish descent. Chronologically, part of the generation of composers who followed pioneers such as Henry Cowell, George Gershwin, Virgil Thomson, Carl Ruggles, Aaron Copland and the rediscovery of Charles Ives (therefore roughly contemporaneous with William Schuman, David Diamond, Lukas Foss, L. Bernstein, etc); but stylistically a maverick, whose music reflects a love of Western counterpoint and a personal fascination with by Indian, East Asian and Armenian music more obviously than any contemporary musical thought.
Requiem and resurrection
Composed in:1967
Musical form:free
Label(s):Crystal CD 805
Requiem and resurrection from "Vishnu" symphony (Symphony No. 19), opus 224, is for brass, choir and percussion. The "Vishnu" symphony is one of Hovhaness's favorite works... and this sweeping cosmological creation mythology in one movement also appealed to another scientific mystic, because extracts from the "Vishnu" symphony were used in Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" television series. Unfortunately, the premiere (under Kostelanetz) was something less than a success; so the Requiem and Resurrection was written as a simplified "touring version" to help reclaim the lost symphony. A slightly redundant pairing, therefore; but striking and powerful.

♫ Requiem and resurrection
Crystal CD805