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Claudin de Sermisy
c.1490 - 1562
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C. de Sermisy
Claudin (Claude) de Sermisy (c.1490 - 1562), a French singer and composer, born in Paris.
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
Claudin de Sermisy ( born c.1490-1562 died in Paris) French compuser was presumably a choirboy in The Sainte Chapelle de Palais. In 1508 he served in the chapel of Louis XII. In 1515 he travelled to Italy and some later in 1520 he went to England. In 1532 he served as a Sous-maître at The Sainte Chapelle de Palais and from 1547 as Maître. He left a large oeuvre, including numerous chansons which owing him his reputation, like Janequin before.
Contributor:Wim Goossens
Pierre Certon wrote Déploration sur la mort de Claudin de Sermisy
Missa pro defunctis
Period:Early Renaissance
Composed in:1532
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In 1532 Attaignant issued seven volumes of masses by various composers. These included the following by De Sermisy for four voices:
Liber I: Secunda est Philomena praevia
Liber II: Secunda est Missa IX lectionum
Liber III: Prima est Missa plurium motetarum
Liber IV: Secunda est Missa pro defunctis
Liber VII: Prima est Domine est terra
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
This mass is an non-Roman setting of the requiem mass à 4 vocum. Sermisy uses the customary/normal liturgical chorale melody as a Cantus Firmus in the Bassus Primus, and sections of it in the other parts. This requiem contains:
- Introitus
- Kyrie
- Graduale "Si Ambulem"
- Tractus "Virga tua"
- Offertorium "Domine Jesu Christe"
- Sanctus
- Benedictus
- Agnus Dei
- Communio "Lux Aeterna"
Contributor:Wim Goossens