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Aubert Lemeland
1932 - 2010
A. Lemeland
Aubert Lemeland (19/12/1932 - 15/11/2010), a French composer; born in La Haye du Puits (Normandy), died in Paris. He composed hitherto 10 concertos (including three for violin), 11 symphonies, etc. He is the founder of L' ensemble de chambre Franšais. He was embedded with the Second World War in his childhood, which would mark him forever.
In the ebb of slack water
Composed in:1997
Musical form:song
In memory of:the victims of D-day (June 6, 1944)
Label(s):Skarbo D SK 5994
"In the ebb of slack water..." from: American War Requiem "Normandy 1944" opus 159; nr.3 Epilogue "In the ebb of slack water...".
A piece for soprano, choir, harp and strings. The song with orchestral accompaniment are beautifully written, and have a directly communicative eloquence which is at once touching and profound. The music has a deceptive appearance of simplicity on first acquaintance; lush and gently melancholy as it may appear, there is a bittersweet quality that suddenly turns just a fraction further in the direction of bitterness - no, this is not a composer who has rediscovered some 'true' direction for 20th-century music; such a suggestion belittles him. He is a composer of understatedly powerful music in a tradition worthy of great honor, transporting music of immediacy and drama.