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Healey Willan
1880 - 1968
Great Britain, England / Canada
J.H. Willan
James Healey [Healey] Willan (12/10/1880 - 16/02/1968), an English composer, church musician, organist, choir conductor and teacher. He was born in Balham (London), England, but imigrated to Canada in 1913. He was offered the leading post for the theory department at the Toronto Conservatory of Music. He was also appointed the organ post at St. Pauls Church. He is mostly known for his organ and chorus music. His most famous composition is the organ piece Introdution and Passacaglia and Fugue of 1916. He wrote music spanning from very occasional to more mysticism in style. He lived most of his life in Toronto, and died there in 1968.
Composed in:1986
Willan's Requiem is completed and prepared by Fred Clarke (07/08/1931) in 1986. The length is 55 min. and it is for SATB soli, chorus and orchestra.
Dr. F.R.C. Clarke
completed Willan's