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Luciano Chailly
1920 - 2002
L. Chailly
Luciano Chailly (19/01/1920 - 24/12/2002), an Italian composer (from Ferrara), father of the conductor Riccardo Chailly. Luciano Chailly studied in Milan with Renzo Bossi, at the University of Bologna, and in Salzburg with Paul Hindemith. Very much an artist of the musical theatre, his thirteen operas include Ferrovia sopraelevata (1955), Una domanda di matrimonio (1957, from Chekov), Il canto del cigno (1957), Procedura penale (1959), Markheim (1967) and L'Idiota (1970, from Dostoevsky). He also wrote ballets, orchestral and choral music.
Pie Jesu
Musical form:motet
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Pie Jesu Domine, 'a 1 voce media'.
Kinder requiem
Composed in:1979
Kinder requiem (1979) for 4 voices, childrens voice, mixed chorus, boys’ choir and orchestra.
Luciano and
Riccardo Chailly