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Riccardo Nielsen
1908 - 1982
R. Nielsen
Riccardo Nielsen (03/03/1908 - 30/01/1982), an Italian composer, born in Bologna. He studied with Casella and Carlo Gatti in Milan. Earlier works in neo‐classical idiom, later in 12‐note; incl. radio opera La via di Colombo (NY 1953 ), which won 1953 Italia Prize; L'incubo, monodrama (Venice 1948 ); 2 syms.; conc. for orch.; vn. conc.; pf. concs.; chamber mus.
Requiem nella miniera
Composed in:1958
Musical form:cantata
Requiem nella miniera, a "cantata drammatica" (1958), for solo voices, chorus and orchestra.