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Peter Vanderghinste
1789 - 1861
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P. Vanderghinste
Pieter Jozef [Peter] Vanderghinste [van der Ghinste] (20/11/1789 - 21/10/1861), a Flemish composer (from Kortrijk (Courtrai), who worked in United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Pieter Vanderghinste composed both religious and wordly music, such as motets and romances. He also composed a Dutch language opera titled "Het Pruisisch soldatenkwartier", which uses a libretto by the rederijker J.B. Hofman. The première took place in Kortrijk in 1816. The sheet music of this opera was only partly recovered. Inspired by a travelling German company, Vanderghinste founded a choir company in 1817 in Kortrijk. This is the first choir of its kind that we know of in Flanders. The father of the famous Flemish composer Peter Benoit used to play music by Vanderghinste, next to big international names, in the orchestra of Harelbeke, in which he played the violin. Peter Benoit is thought to have had some contacts with the composer between 1847 and 1851, while he was studying with the pianist-organist Pieter Carlier, who lived in Desselgem.
Jesu salvator mondi
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Jesu salvator mondi: in missa de requiem tempore elevationis.
Text incipit: Jesu salvator mundi exaudi preces supplicum
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis