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Benoît Verdickt
1884 - 1970
Belgium, Canada
B. Verdickt
Benoît Verdickt (27/09/1884 - 28/04/1970), a Canadian organist, choirmaster, composer, educator, born in Steenhuffel, Belgium. A graduate of the Mechlin Cons, he also studied at the Interdiocesan School of Sacred Music in that city. He arrived in Canada in 1906 and was organist 1906-12 in Victoriaville, Que, and 1912-13 in Rochester, NY, and choirmaster 1913-63 at the Sts-Anges Church in Lachine, near Montreal. During his years in Lachine he organized concerts, conducted the local concert band, and taught privately. Gustave Robitaille was among his pupils (piano and theory). Verdickt was director of music education for the Lachine school board and also taught solfège for the Quebec government. He wrote some church music which he published himself, notably Cantique de mariage for soloist and two-part choir (1918) and his major work, Missa pro defunctis for three-part choir and organ (1941). After his death it was noted in a local newspaper that 'There are many among us who owe their taste and musical training to him. For that reason he will always remain a prominent figure in the history of Lachine' (Messager de Lachine, 6 May 1970). One of the pavilions of the Lachine Museum has been named after him.
Missa pro defunctis
Composed in:1941
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Missa pro defunctis (1941), his major work, for three-part choir and organ.