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Larry Nickel
1952 -
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L. Nickel
Larry Nickel (12/03/1952) is a Canadian composer, conductor, music publisher and singer who devotes much of his focus to choral music. He is an associate composer of the Canadian Music Centre and has composed for a wide spectrum of genres; electronic and computer music, string quartet, woodwind and brass quintet, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble and choral ensembles, including both secular and ecclesiastical music. Primarily, he has written and arranged hundreds of pieces for choirs. Nickel also works as a choral clinician, occasional university professor, music minister, guest conductor and music festival adjudicator. Nickel sang professionally with the Vancouver Chamber Choir for six years, and currently directs the Jubilate Vocal Ensemble.
Requiem for peace
Period:21st century
Composed in:2006
Musical form:free
Label(s): Cypress Choral Music
In 2003, Nickel began a Doctorate (DMA) in Composition, which he obtained in 2007. He studied with Stephen Chatman, Dorothy Chang and Keith Hamel. His thesis involved writing a Requiem in twelve languages. "Requiem for Peace" was premiered at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in December 2005 under the direction Bruce Pullan. In 2010 Bruce Pullan presented "Requiem for Peace" at the Orpheum theatre with the VSO and the Vancouver Bach Choir. In 2011 Nickel reset "Requiem for Peace" for chamber size forces and this version was premiered by the Vancouver Chamber Choir that November. Since then, Requiem for Peace has had many performances; Örebro, Västerås, Toronto, Halifax, Guelph, Magdeburg, Speinshart, Regensburg, Nördlingen, Bayreuth, etc.
Contributor:Arye Kendi
Requiem for Peace contains:
01. Prelude - Leaving Russia 4:56
02. Fratres in Unum 4:07
03. Requiem Aeternum 3:13
04. Long Black Arm 2:24
05. Bugles Sang 4:36
06. Man of Peace (For Israel) 2:40
07. Bahni Adam (For Iran and Egypt) 5:07
08. Kyrie Eleison 5:00
09. Bêtise de la Guerre (For France) 3:11
10. Battle of the Army Carts (For China) 4:36
11. Dvadstat Vosyem Shtîkovîkh (For Russia) 2:38
12. Hiroshima Lacrimosa (For Japan) 5:08
13. Håll facklan högt (For Sweden) 3:28
14. Dulce et Decorum 4:16
15. Kinderen Van de Vrede (For the Netherlands) 4:27
16. Reconciliation 4:20
17. Agnus Dei 6:46
18. Recordare, Jesu Pie 3:42
Source:booklet of cd Cypress Choral Music