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Giuseppe Nuti
1798 - c.1885
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G. Nuti
Giuseppe Nuti (1798 - c.1885), an Italian composer and piano teacher, born in Prato in 1798. He lived for some years in Livorno, where he was director of the military band. He returned to Prato and in 1832 became director of the municipal school of music, where he taught until 1885. He inaugurated the Metastasio Theater on 8 September 1830 conducting Rossini's "Aureliano in Palmira". He remained at the head of the Metastasio orchestra for almost thirty years, although alternating with other conductors and also operating in Florentine theaters.
Messa di Requiem
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1839
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem mass for 4V (SATB) and strum. Full Orchestra | by G. Nti | 1839. - [Score and Parts]. - [Prato] : autograph in part, 1839. - 1 score (89 cc.) ; 225x300 mm + 42 parts.
The score is autographed, the parts only partially. - 42 parts: 2S, S II, B I of conc, T I of conc, 3T I of rinf, T II of conc, 5T II of rinf, B I of conc, B II of conc, 5B II of rinf, fl I, fl II, 2ob I and II, cl I in Bb, 2fag I and II, 4vl I, vl II n. 1, vl princ, vl II n. 3, 2vl II no. 4, vla I, vlc, 3cb, cor I and II in Eb, tr I, b.