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Louisa Lasdun
1956 -
Great Britain | Switzerland
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L. Lasdun
Louisa Lasdun (17/04/1956), an female English-Swiss composer. Born and brought up in London, Louisa Lasdun studied music and graduated from the Dartington College of Arts in Devon. She took further composition studies under John Taverner and trained as a music teacher at the Institute of Education at London University. She has been a music teacher for children and youngsters for the past ten years, and has collaborated with the Anna Scher Children's Theatre for many years. She plays and composes for a jazz-big-band. She also authored ‘Listen To All They Say’ an essay about the application of pop-music in secondary school education. She has lived in Zurich since 1989 and has produced several compositions, five of which where commissioned works and have been performed in Switzerland and abroad. She works as a freelance composer.
Requiem for Cock Robin
Composed in:1993
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:James Lasdun
Requiem for Cock Robin from There and Back Again (1993), for piano trio, counter tenor, girl voice (twelve to sixteen years old). Texts by James Lasdun. Duration: 34'. This work (inspired by Paula Regos’ etchings based on English nursery rhymes) was originally conceived as a dance piece, but can also be performed as a concert piece. The text by James Lasdun was adapted from traditional children’s rhymes. The piece received an award at the ‘Ballet Gulbenkian’, Lisbon in November 1998.
There are four movements:
01. Dramatis Personae
02. Questions
03. Requiem for Cock Robin
04. Journey Dance