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Phyllis Tate
1911 - 1987
Great Britain, England
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Ph.M.D. Tate
Phyllis Margaret Duncan [Phyllis] Tate (06/04/1911 - 29/05/1987) an English female composer, born in Gerrards Cross, died in London.
Like many composers, she feared her works were not as good as they should be but was realistic enough to pen the following thoughts in 1979, while recovering from an operation: "I must admit to having a sneaking hope that some of my creations may prove to be better than they appear. One can only surmise and it's not for the composer to judge. All I can vouch is this: writing music can be hell; torture in the extreme; but there's one thing worse; and that is not writing it."
A Secular Requiem
Composed in:1961
Musical form:free
A Secular Requiem, setting of the Phoenix and the Turtle (Shakespeare) for soli, choir and orchestra, composed in 1967.
Contributor:Hermann Puchta